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Service Roofing Company was founded by Marlin Crisp in 1936 after he saw the need for an experienced and professional roofing contractor in the Cedar Valley. It became a family affair when his son Jay joined him in the mid 1960’s. They spent their days installing and repairing roof systems including; shingles, tile, slate as well as low-slope roof systems.

Jay later purchased Service Roofing Company from his dad. By the late 1990’s Jay had phased out all forms of steep roofing so that he could concentrate on low-slope commercial roofing. This gave Service Roofing Company the focus that it needed to increase productivity and become experts in the area of commercial roofing.

In 1997 Service Roofing Company purchased Fuller Roofing Company and became one of the largest low-slope roofing contractors in Eastern Iowa servicing Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Waverly, Fayette, Jesup, Independence, Hudson, Dike, Reinbeck and several other cities.

The company was sold to two long-term employees upon Jay’s retirement in 2002. Chuck Schulte and Andy Miller have over forty years of combined commercial roofing experience in new installation, re-roof, repair, maintenance, inspections and consulting.

In 2006, Andy Miller purchased Service Roofing Company.

Today, Service Roofing Company is partnered with more than 10 manufacturers and is able to install any low-slope (flat) roof system available in the Midwest. With over 35 employees the company is able to provide services to more than 10 surrounding counties and offer 24-hour emergency repair services. 

Collectively, our roofing professionals have more than 300 years of experience in low-slope roofing installation, repair and maintenance.

Service Roofing Company also takes great pride in being a leader in the industry and in its community. The Iowa Roofing Contractors Association has identified Service Roofing Company as a Certified Roofing Contractor and Firestone has recognized the company as a Master Contractor. We are proud to say that we are active members of the following organizations:

Iowa Roofing Contractors Association
Midwest Roofing Contractors Association
National Roofing Contractors Association
Master Builders of Iowa
Cedar Valley Chamber of Commerce
Partners in Education – Waterloo Community Schools

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Safety Policy

Jobsite safety is our top priority at Service Roofing Company. Because of the extremely dangerous conditions commercial roofing poses, we take an aggressive approach to safety of our employees, our customers and the community. We strive to set the standards in workplace safety and take pride in our exceptionally low Workers Compensation Experienced Modifier Rate of .78.

We start our safety protocol by supplying and requiring all of our employees to wear appropriate personal protective equipment and all employees are trained in the use of company tools and equipment. Safety manuals are updated and required to be in each vehicle for quick reference and review so that all materials and situations that the employees may come in contact with are addressed.

In addition to our monthly safety meetings and testing, each employee is required to take a one-hour comprehensive exam on safety issues as well as a test on general roofing knowledge to ensure that their understanding of work place safety and proper low-slope roofing practices and conditions are well understood. It is important to Service Roofing Company that our employees completely understand the importance of safety and are fully aware of the standards that our company expects when it comes to roofing knowledge and safety.

Monthly safety meetings are required and facilitated by a contracted safety consultant who covers OSHA topics as well as worksite safety, fall protection, torch safety and other related topics. Our safety consultant randomly visits our jobsites to confirm proper safety measures are in place and to give additional on-site instruction.

Our employees are required to take First Aid and CPR Training annually and have completed Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s voluntary 10-Hour Safety Course.

Service Roofing Company’s experience and dedication to commercial roofing safety and education provides our roofing professionals with the materials and knowledge that they need to keep safety at the top of the list.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to exceed the industry standards in safety, integrity, professionalism, ethics and innovation.


  • In striving to exceed customer expectations in relation to service, quality and price.
  • In building and nurturing life long relationships with our customers, suppliers and manufacturers.
  • In providing each customer with a roofing system that is tailored to satisfy their needs.
  • In employing and developing the highest quality professionals in the industry.
  • In providing the best roofing systems in the industry.
  • In standing behind our work.
  • In the pride that comes from a job well done and the reputation that quality workmanship establishes.


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Choosing a Good Company

Buying a roof is an important investment. Before you purchase a new roof, take the time to locate and evaluate a professional roofing contractor. A professional roofing contractor is typically a person or business that has specialized in the area, has extensive training in the field and has long term experienced employees with hands on experience. It may take a little extra time to find a qualified roofing contractor, but the time will be worth the investment when you get the roof you want for a price you can afford.

The National Roofing Contractors Association suggests checking the following items before choosing a roofing contractor so that you are more likely to hire a qualified and professional roofing contractor:

  1. Is the roofing contractor well established with a permanent place of business?
  2. Does the contractor have knowledge of roof systems and can they offer you what is right for your building and budget?
  3. Is the contractor affiliated with an industry organization?
  4. Is the company dedicated to safety and education of its employees?
  5. Is the business properly insured, licensed and bonded?
  6. Does the company have expertise in the roof systems it is applying?
  7. Will the business provide a written proposal?
  8. Does the roofing contractor offer workmanship warranties?
  9. What is the company’s track record?
  10. Does the company have a professional repair and maintenance program?

Service Roofing Company is proud to say that we can answer “yes” to all of the above questions.

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